If you have a FREE email marketing subscription plan , you can benefit from a free and unlimited access to (almost) all the features of our email marketing software.

The main difference between a free email marketing account and paid one is that there is a limit on the number of emails that you can send per month (up to 20 000 emails), and per day (up to 5 000 emails ). With a Free subscription plan you can import up to 100 000 email addresses in your online database. However, all the emails sent from your account will have a ad banner (MailKithcen logo) on the bottom of the message.

With a paid account, the number of emails you can send per day or per month is always unlimited, and email campaigns are sent without the MailKitchen logo in the bottom of your Newsletters.

The additional features, available only with a paid account are: subscribers database export  (mailing lists, openers, Hardbounces, etc.), database segmentation and export of your statistical reports.