Definition of the “Hard Bounced emails”

In general, the addresses you find in Hard Bounced emails are emails addresses to which the message has not arrived and never arrive in the inbox for the following reasons:

These email addresses ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) are not personal and they are published on the website so they are easily copied without the consent of the end user. This is why Email providers create Spam traps using these common aliases, and this is also the reason why we block them. Internet Service Provides discard as spam all the email campaigns sent to these email addresses and they can blacklist the sender and their IP addresses.

Why are invalid email addresses (hard bounced emails) bad for your campaign?

When an email provider (as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or others) detects a high number of invalid or incorrect emails, they block all the messages coming from the same sender. In fact they suppose that the sender has collected his mailing list illegally and therefore the messages are classed as spam.

Access to the list of addresses classified as Hard Bounced

You can verify the email addresses that have been identified as Hard Bounced directly on the platform :

  1. Click on Your Subscriber Databases -> My Mailing Lists ->
  2. Choose the list and click MANAGE-> MODIFY.
  3. You will then be redirected to the list of all the email addresses classed by 5 columns (Email, Hard bounced, Soft bounced, Spam, Import date).

Export the list of Hard Bounced emails

If you have a premium subscription plan, you can also Export the invalid email addresses in one more all of your Mailing Lists :

  • Click on SUBSCRIBERS DATABASE -> All My Contacts ->and then on the button EXPORT

Furthermore, you can preview or export the invalid email addresses that we detected after you sent an email campaign:

  • You should then go to STATISTICS and on the bottom of the page click on one of the Email Campaigns -> then scroll down the page and you will see a filter that lets you display only invalid email addresses, or only openers, etc.

Verification system of email addresses

Our system performs a double checking of your emails in order to verify their validity.

The first verification is done when you import your contacts, with a tool that allows us to identify 80% of invalid addresses.

The second verification consists in a system of logs and feedbacks after sending your first email campaign. Every invalid address is recorded in our system as Hard Bounced email and isolated. The addresses are therefore automatically excluded from any future sending of your email campaigns. Even if you delete your mailing list, or your contacts, we keep track of Hard bounced emails in order to avoid users to reimport them and send another email campaign on the same invalid addresses. The email address stays in your mailing list but you

Valid addresses among the Hard Bounces

Sometimes an email address might be classed as Hard Bounced even if it is valid and functional. If you see one or two cases like that in your Mailing list, and if you think that there might have been an error, contact our support team and we’ll check again manually!