Creating multiple accounts

Being done that our offer FREE subscription package is limited to 100 000 contacts in your online database and 20 000 emails sent/month,  if your email database exceeds these limits or you need to send more emails per month you will need to consider a paid subscription package.  In fact, creating more than one account for the same entity/organization/individual is not allowed.

We would like to point out that creating multiple accounts can be very bad for your email campaign reputation and also for the reputation of our email marketing platform. In fact, Internet Service Providers can blacklist our IP addresses when they see that the same email content is sent using different senders (these practices are often used by spammers).

This is why our deliverability team won’t hesitate to suspend all the accounts sending the same content or using the same URL hyperlinks.


You should also know that all paid subscription plans  include an unlimited volume of emails, you just need to choose the subscription plan that suits the size of your email database, and you can send as many email campaigns as want.