Create a newsletter template from scratch using our Tailor-made newsletter editor

If you have troubles using our Ready-made Templates (the ones that we’ve already designed with applied style and images) we invite you to try our Newsletter Template Editor  and the Tailor-Made Templates module. In just a few clicks you will be able to create your Newsletter Template from scratch. You don’t need to have any knowledge of the HTML coding language.  You can add and remove fields and lines, insert images and text fields, increase and decrease the size of the fields, etc. You can completely customize your own Newsletter Template!

Here are the tips and tricks for using our Newsletter Template Editor for creating a Tailor-made template:

  1. Login into the platform and click on TEMPLATES:
  2. Then click on the Tailor-made templates tab



Create a Newsletter template from scratch


Adding and removing fields in our newsletter Editor works with a system of lines. Each line contains one, two, three or four fields.

1) You will see a green button with a + sign, click ont the + to create a line in your newsletter template:

ajouter une ligne - newsletter - mailkitchen

2) You will then see a pop-in that allows you to define the type of content that you want to insert in the row (text / image / empty field)

pop in


3) For adding text / image or an empty zone in the same row click on the icon on the right side:

pop in

You can add up to 4 fields in each row of your newsletter Template.

1) While adding fields, select the type of content for each field (text, image or empty field). If you want to modify again the content in one of the lines of your Newsletter Template, click on the field and on the type of content you wish to insert.



2) Throughout your changes, you can see in real time a preview of your newsletter template  in the background:


3) Once finished, click on VALIDATE and check again your newsletter template. Don’t forget to save your newsletter template to avoid loosing your work:



You can change the width of a field by defining the percentage for each field (within the total width of one row). If, for example, you want to insert two fields, a smaller one on the left and a larger one on the right side, you can do it by choosing one of the width options that appear under the icons:



To change the height of a field, you have to increase the height of the whole row.

1) Click on the row (and then on the pencil icon):



2) To change the height you need to have at least one image in the row.  You can then increase or decrease the number of pixels defined on the right side of the pop-in:



The image height can vary between 50px and 300px.

We set those limits for deliverability reasons, because email campaigns containing larger images are often blocked by spam filters of email providers.

Concerning the size of the empty fields, the minimum height is 5px and the maximum height is 50px.


If you want to add or increase the  space between two lines, you can add an empty field or an empty line.

Click on the line (and then on the pencil icon) or create a new line by clicking the + button at the bottom of your newsletter.

Choose the type of field: empty field and click on VALIDATE :


As explained in the previous paragraph, you can change the height of the empty field (from 5px to 50px)


For deleting a row in your newsletter template, simply click on the row and then the recycle bin icon that appears on the left.

delete 2


Each new line you create will appear on the bottom of your newsletter template. If you want to move the line up or down, simply click on the line and then on the arrow icon up or down.


For customizing the colors of your Newsletter Template, check-out our article about editing and chosong colors of a Newsletter Template.

If you don’t know how to procede for sending your newsletter to your subscribers, check-out our article : How to send a Newsletter or an Email Campaign.