Creating a Mailing list

  1. In order to import your email IDs, you first need to create a Mailing list
  2. Click on SUBSCRIBERS DATABASE in the main menu and the on CREATE A MAILING LIST
  3. After filling in a name for your Mailing list, click on the SAVE button, a new page will open.
  4. You can then choose between 3 import options:  Copy / Paste Import, .Csv file Import or Gmail synchronization (for importing your contacts from your Gmail account)
  5. If your file contains several different fields (name, email address, city …), you will need to match the fields from your file with the fields on your MailKitchen account. This way, our system will recognize which information belongs to which field in your file (for example Smith -> Name, -> Email address )
  6. The import of your file can be more or less long (depending on the size of the file but also on the total number of imports on our platform).  The main reason why it might take a longer time for importing a large file or a large contact list is our email verification system. In fact, when you import a file, our system verifies each and every email address to see if they are valid or not. Every invalid address is recorded in our system as Hard Bounced email and isolated. The addresses are therefore automatically excluded from any future sending of your email campaigns.
    To import a large file, we advised you to use a csv file. In this way, once the import is completed, you will receive a report with the details and information related to your imported email addresses.
  7. You can check the import status in the list of  your import files (by clicking on SUBSCRIBERS BASE -> All my contacts)

The staus of your import file

  • Incomplete: you haven’t finished the import process – you need to match the fields from your file with the field on your MailKItchen Account!
  • Waiting: the import is waiting to be executed by our servers.
  • Processing: the import is being processed.