Data privacy and confidentiality

MaiKitchen does not sell, rent or lease email addresses. We take the security and confidentiality of your data very seriously and we can guarantee you that your email database will never be used for any commercial purposes. This is also stated in our Terms and Conditions that you need to accept when you register your account:

ARTICLE 12 – Confidentiality

Each party agrees not to disclose, nor communicate, nor allow to be disclosed, nor allow to be communicated, nor to be used directly or indirectly, the information, data, information, applications, methods and know-how of a confidential nature as well as any document of any kind whatsoever, which it has learned of during the performance of this contract unless it has been so authorized in advance and in writing by the other party.

You can therefore be reassured: the only email address that we use is the one you registered on Your Account Profile, in order to send you notification emails and Newsletters announcing new features and options on our email marketing application.