Free email marketing service: do I need give any bank information for opening a free email marketing account?

When opening your MailKitchen account, no bank or credit card information is required. The only information that we require for using our Free email marketing service are your name, a valid email address and a password.

Once that you created your account we will ask you some additional information about your website and your postal address. This information is required as a part of best practices in email marketing, in order to grant transparency for the recipient that are receiving messages from our platform.

A ”free for life” email marketing service

With a Free subscription plan, you can use our services completely for free, and there are no time limits – there is no trial or test period. As long as you stay in the limits of 20 000 email sent per month and up to 100 000 email IDs in your online subscriber database, you can benefit from all the advantages and features of our free email marketing service.

If you decided to choose a premium or a dedicated email marketing service, we advise you to first test our platform by sending one or more email campaigns with a Free subscription package and then upgrade the subscription directly from your account.

Free email marketing service