If you have an email template encoded in HTML, but your images are not hosted online, you can use our ZIP file import for importing a file containing your HTML code as well as your images.

Our software will therefore  import your images, host them online and automatically insert their URL links in the content of your HTML code.

Inserting the HTML code of your Newsletter directly on our email marketing platform is very simple, you only need to save the HTML file in the ZIP folder and your template will be ready to be sent in no time.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Click on CAMPAIGN in the header menu -> Immediate campaign
  2. You will then see a three steps creation procedure: Settings, Message and Validation.
  3. Set the parameters of the Campaign and then skip to the second step – Message
  4. You will then see on the top of the page 4 message options (Tailor-made Templates, Ready-made Templates, Your Saved work and Insert your own HTML). Select the option   Insert your own HTML. You can then click on the  IMPORT your ZIP file button


How to create a ZIP folder containing your HTML email template and your images

For creating your zip file follow the steps bellow:

  1. Copy your HTML code on a new  Notepad++ document (or another text editor like Sublime Text or Brackets), then save it as a HTML file
  2. Create a folder and copy the HTML file in the file
  3. Copy all the images in the folder, but keep the same image titles (if your HTML code contains eg: img src = “image1.jpg” your image should be named image1 .jpg
  4. Once that you’ve inserted all the images and the HTML file in your Folder, click right on the folder and zip it.  If you are on Windows you can click on “Send this folder to ” and then “Compressed files”
  5. Once that you’ve managed to create a zip folder, you can go back to your account, click on your Email Campaign and then on the 2nd STEP (MESSAGE), you should choose the Message Type, click on INSERT YOUR OWN HTML CODE and on the button IMPORT (ZIP). The system will then automatically import your file online.  Also, your images will be imported in your MailKitchen image gallery and you will be able to reuse them for creating new Newsletter templates with our Template Editor.
  6. For previewing your HTML template, click on the PREVIEW button Please note that the image import process can sometimes take a few minutes (1-5 min)


Also, before importing your ZIP folder, please check the HTML code of your email template and verify if there are  protocol errors (http, https, mailto or other ) or empty link tags errors (eg href = “#”). It often happens that users insert an HTML that contains empty or incorrect ‘href’ tags (for exemple href= “# “). For being able to send your Newsletter, all the link tags in the HTML code have to be correct.