Insert a hyperlink (URL of a website) in the text of your Newsletter Template

You can easily insert a hyperlink in the content of your newsletter and redirect the recipients of your email campaigns to a website or a web page.

Here are the steps to follow for inserting  a hyperlink using our Newsletter Template Editor:

    1. Click on the TEMPLATES tab
    2. Choose one of our Newsletter Templates from the gallery (you can choose between Ready-made Templates or Tailor-made Newsletter Templates )
    3. Click on a text field in the template:


    1. For inserting  a URL hyperlink simply select the text and click on the icon (in the text style toolbar).

inserting a Hyperlink | MailKitchen

    1. You can insert the URL of your website in the first  WEB ADDRESS field.  In the  Tooltip field you can specify a text to be displayed when the cursor is positioned over the hyperlink.


Inserting a hyperlink on an image in the Newsletter Template

    1. To insert a link on an image of your newsletter, click on the pencil icon that appears when your cursor is positioned over an image field:


    1. Click then on the URL LINK checkbox and insert the website address:

Create a Template - MailKitchen - Google Chrome

Once you inserted the URL link, you can send a TEST email and verify if everything works as it should.