Mailing list management : what to do if you exceeded the number of email addresses in your Subcribers database

If the number of addresses in your subscribers database exceeds the limit of the subscription that you chose, you can simply upgrade your subscription. MAILKITCHEN offers you a range of email marketing  plans that allow everyone to find an option adapted to his needs. The Mailing List management on MailKitchen is simple because you can easily upgrade or downgrade your account from one month to another, according to your needs and your email marketing activities.

How many times can you upload a different email database on your account

The maximum number of subscribers that you can upload into your database is technically limited to 5 times the maximum number of contacts allowed in the selected package. So if your package allows 10,000 contacts in the database, the number of subscribers imported during the subscription period is limited to 50,000. This figure does not take account of hard bounced email addresses.


Managing multiple mailing lists : how many Mailing Lists can you create on your MailKitchen account

The number of Mailing Lits that you can create and manage on you MailKitchen account is always unlimited. You can segment your email database and create or delete Mailing Lists at your convinience.

Our Email campaign module allows you to send your email campaigns to one or more Mailing List and you can also exclude a Mailing List from your email campaign targeting.