If you’ve just created an account and you are now wondering how to customize one of our Newsletter Templates with our Newsletter Templates Editor, you’ll be interested in the options that allow you to modify the style of your Template by changing the colors and adapting them to the style of your website, your NGO or your products. Here is an example of one of our Newsletter Templates before and after that we completely changed it’s color style:


You will find below the step-by-step instructions for changeing the color style of this Newsletter using the Newwsletter Templates Editor.

The first thing to know is that colors are present at many levels: in the text boxes, in the image boxes, but also in the background of the Newsletter.

Changeing the backgroung color of the Newsletter Template

When you start customizing your Newsletter, the first thing to modify is the background color of your message. Click the GENERAL BACKGROUND option and take the time to choose the color that suits your needs.

Once you’ve selected the wrihgt color, you can copy the Html color code.  You will then be able to use it again later  – this way if you want to match the colors of the background with the colors of a text box, all you need to do is to copy/ paste the color code:


Changeing the color of a text fields

For modifying a color in text boxes, click on the text field and change the color by clicking on the upper right color field of the pop-in. You can then choose a new color or copy/paste the code you’ve selected for the background.


Modify the color of an image box

For modifying a color in the image box, click on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over with the cursor. If the size of your image does not cover the entire field, or if you use images with a transparent background (as it is in our example) the color of the field will remain visible.

case image

Change the colors of empty fields

 Even the empty fields are defined with colors. For changing the color, click on a field and select color or copy again the selected color code.


Tips for choosing colors for your Newsletter Template

When it comes to colors there is a lot of individual preference. However, some tips can always be useful if you just started creating a Newsletter.

  1. Selecting colors and adapting them to the image of your company  or your website is not at all an easy task. . Take the time to test different ideas and check the result directly by sending a test email to your own email address.
  2. When choosing the colors for your Newsletter focus on 2 or maximum 3 colors. Here is an example of excessive color use that shouldn’t be followed (don’t do this!):


Newsletter Template - trop de couleurs

  1. Avoid combining colors if their contrast is too strong (blue and orange, green and red, purple and yellow, for example). To make your message more attractive rather change the color intensity (dark – light). Here’s an example of a bad color combination :

Newsletter templete - mauvaise association de couleurs

  1. For the background of the Newsletter avoid strong and saturated colors. The background color covers a fairly large area and a strong color can have an aggressive effect. For the background, prefer lighter tones.
  2. As to text boxes, in general a darker text on a light background is easier to read than a light text on a dark background. If you select the second option, avoid too similar tones. Here are two examples, the first one is a text on a light background and the second one the same text on a dark background:

texte foncé fond claire

texte claire fond foncé

  1. Be consistent – Once you’ve selected your color palette apply it  to all of your email campaigns.