With MailKitchen, managing your unsubscribed recipients is completely automated. Starting from the unsubscribe link inserted in the footer of your Newsletters, to the exclusion of unsubscribed recipients from your email campaigns -  everything is done automatically. However, you have the possibility to customize and adapt the unsubscribe page in order to match it with the design of your website, your brand, your company or your NGO.

Unsubscribe page – what is it and how does it work

The unsubscribe page is the landing page to which your recipients are redirected when they click on the “unsubscribe” link (link displayed on the bottom of messages sent from our platform). When a recipient clicks on the link, his email address is automatically unsubscribed from all the Mailing Lists on your MailKitchen account. Here’s how the unsubscribe page looks like :

unsubscribe page - MailKitchen email marketing platform

Customize your unsubscribe page

On MailKitchen, you can change the design of the unsubscribe page of your Newsletters. Here’s what you need to do :

1. Click on your account and then in the dropdown menu you need to click on the link My Account


2. Under My Settings, click on Personalized unsubscribing

Personalised unsubscribing - MailKitchen

3. You will arrive on the page that allows you to change the design of your unsubscribe page

Manage background colors : you can modify the colors the unsubscribe page (the backgroun color, the colors of the buttons, ect.)

 unsubscribe page colors - mailkitchen email marketing software

Unsubscribe pagefonts :  You can select one of the numerous fonts

unsubscribe page fonts - mailkitchen email marketinf software

Logo and option : you can insert your Logo by inserting the URL link of your image online.

unsubscribe page logo - mailkitchen email marketing software

When you save the changes, they will be immediately applied to your unsubscribe page. We therefore advise you to finish modifying the page before saving it.

And here is the final result of our modifications :

unsubscribe page for newsletters - MailKitchen

Modify the text of the unsubscribe page

Changing the texts of the unsubscribe page is not possible on our email marketing platform. To prevent any kind of abuse and guarantee clear and transparent information to final recipients, the text displayed on this page, as well as text of the links in the footer of your campaigns are generated automatically on all accounts and cannot be modified.