Types of bounces

There are two main types of bounced emails: Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces.  In both of the cases these emails are messages that for some reason could not be delivered to the recipient. For each of these messages we receive a error message saying that the email bounced back, and the detail of the reason why it happened.

Soft Bounce: definition

Several types of errors indicate why the message could not be delivered. In the case of Soft Bounces, the error is always only temporary. This means that the email address exists and it’s valid, but because of a temporary problem the message has bounced back to the sender.

Examples of Soft Bounce

There are a number of reasons that can cause a temporary rejection, here are some common examples:

  1. Breakdown or some king of failure of the recipient’s email server
  2. Recipient’s mail box is overloaded
  3. Email size is too big
  4. Connection between the sender’s server and the server of the recipients email has expired

How does MailKitchen handle temporary errors?

If after sending an email campaign, we receive an error message indicating a temporary rejection, we isolate the email address. In the next email campaigns we will retry to send the message to the same recipients 5 more times. If after 5 attempts the message hasn’t been delivered, we classify the email address as a Hard Bounce (invalid email address).

How to preview or export soft bounced emails

You can download a file with all the Soft Bounced emails using our Mailing List Export Feature .

For previewing the email recipients that have been identified as Soft Bounces after sending one of your email campaigns, go on your statistics dashboard (Click on STATISTICS in the header menu), then choose the custom range period, and click on FILTER.

Scroll down the page and in the table of your Email Campaigns click on one of the campaigns that you sent. You will then see the precise statistics of the campaign.

If you scroll down on the page, you can also see a filter that allows you to display only Soft bounced emails.

With a premium email marketing subscription plan, you have the possibility to export these email addresses (by clicking on the EXPORT button).

 Soft Bounces export