SpamAssassin – What is it?

SpamAssassain is a free and open source software, widely known  and reputed in the domain of anti-spam filtering. As part of our anti-spam policy and to ensure our customers a better deliverability, we verify the content of your messages using its features. Developed by the Apache Software Foundation, SpamAssassin uses and applies a large set of rules in order to identify and classify spam messages.

The SpamAssassin Score- How does it work on MailKitchen?

SpamAssassin enables us to perform a test on the content and the structure of your newsletter with the purpose of analyzing the elements of your template that can have a negative impact on your eamil campaign deliverability. The test consists of assigning a score (positive or negative) to the various elements of your email campaign. A score higher than 4 means that your email will be refused by the mailboxes of your recipients. When your message gets a score below 4, the email can be sent.

The most common SpamAssassin error messages and how to correct them

If you scored higher than 4 and you do not know how to fix your newsletter template, here is the list of the most frequent messages and some guidelines for possible corrections:


PROBLEM: The text in the body of your Newsletter template is not valid. In fact you probably left the default “lorem ipsum” text in Latin in the body of your template.

SOLUTION: All you need to do is to replace the text in Latin with your own text and you will be able to send your email campaign.

  • HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_12     BODY: HTML: images with 800-1200 bytes of words

PROBLEM: The message indicates that you have inserted an image that contains a lot of text. In fact, email clients cannot read the text in the image. In order to prevent all possible risks, they systematically block the email as Spam. This allows to overcome spammer techniques of using images with the aim of sending fraudulent messages.

SOLUTION: The solution in this case is to delete the image from your template and copy the text contained in the image by inserting it as text in the body of your message.

  • HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_02 HTML has a low ratio of text to image area

PROBLEM: The problem is the ratio of text and images in the content of your email template. The software has detected that your template has many images and few or no text. Ideally, an email template should contain 2/3 of text and 1/3 of images.

SOLUTION:  Delete one or more images or add text to the content of your newsletter and the message will no longer appear.

  • FREEMAIL_FROM  Sender email is freemail

PROBLEM: You are using a generic email address (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, ect.) which is detected as suspicious by SpamAssassin. An account that send email campaigns using a professional email marketing tool while using his personal email address or an email address created  with a free webmail often indicates that the sender is trying to hide his true identity by creating fake email accounts with the aim of sending mass email messages.

SOLUTION: What you need to do is to create a new sender email address using an email with the domain name of your website.

  • SUBJ_ALL_CAPS Subject is all capitals

PROBLEM: The subject of your email campaign is entirely in uppercase

SOLUTION: Avoid using uppercase in the subject line of your email campaign. The text in uppercase creates a false impression of urgency and this kind of practice is also very common in the domain of fraudulent and abusive messages.

  • BODY_URI_ONLY   Message body is only a URI in one line of text or for an image

PROBLEM: This is a message that appears only when you insert your own HTML Template. The message indicates that the code is not in accordance with the best practices in email marketing because it contains a single line of code with only an image tag.

SOLUTION: Create your HTML code by following the rules and the best practices in email marketing. Email clients impose very strict rules for the HTML code of the email messages that they filter. If you don’t have the skills to design your own HTML code, we advise you to test our online Newsletter Editor, which allows you to create your template by inserting your text and images.