Email marketing statistics – global view of your account

After having sent your email campaign, you can analyze your performances on the statistics dashboard. Keep in mind that the results of your email campaigns are updated every 15 minutes.

  • Click on the STATISTICS tab in the header menu

You will then access to the global statistics of your account – there you can see the results of all email campaigns, sent during the current month. If you don’t see any results, check the diplayed period (it might be that your last email campaign was sent during the last month).

To refine your search you can use our search filters;


The data available on your statistics dashboard

Statistics - MailKitchen - Google Chrome

  • Sent – indicates the total number of emails sent from our email servers
  • Delivered - indicates the total number of emails delivered in your recipient’s mailboxes
  • Opens – the number of recipients who opened your message. However, be aware that opening a message in email marketing means that the recipient displayed (or downloaded) the images in the email (Gmail automatically displays the images in your main inbox, but other email clients might ask the recipient to click on a “show images button”). This is thow our software tracks the recipients that opened an email) . If a person opens the message, but doesn’t display the images, he won’t becounted as an opener.
  • Clicks – the number of recipients who clicked on one of the links in your message
  • Unsubscribed – the recipients who clicked on the unsubscribe link (the link is automaticcaly added at top and at the bottom of your newsletters)
  • Bounces – indicates Hard and Soft Bounces : invalid or not-existing email addresses and temporary errors
  • Complaints – indicates the recipients who received your message and then clicked on the option “Report this email as spam”. The complaint rate is a very important figure. When the complaint rate exceeds 0.2%, ISPs (Internet Service Provider) block your sender address and our servers. A high complaint rate indicates that the contacts on the mailing list didn’t agree to receive your massege.
  • Blocked - indicates the recipients who didn’t receive your message because of a temporary blockage of their email provider (ex. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).

 Export your email marketing statistics*

*Feature available with all premium subscription plans.

Use the search filters for defining the statistics period and click on FILTER.

You can Export the statistics of your email campaigns by clicking on the EXPORT button. You will then get a file with the list of your Email Campaigns and the main metrics (Sent, Delivered, Opens, etc.)

Preview or export the email IDs of the recipients that opened or clicked on the email campaign, the invalid email addresses (Hard Bounced emails) or the Soft Bounces

Scroll down the Global Statistics page and in the table of your Email Campaigns click on one of the campaigns that you’ve sent.

You will arrive on a page with the metrics of the selected email campaign.

If you scroll down on the page, you can also see a filter that allows you to display the email addresses of the recipients that opend or clicked in the content of the message, the invalid (Hard Bounces) or the temporary unavailable (Soft Bounces) email addresses. Select one of the categories and click ont the FILTER button. This features is available for all our users (free or premium subscription plans)

With a premium subscription plan you can also export these email IDs (click on the EXPORT button).

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