Once you’ve installed the newsletter plug-in on your WordPress dashboard, you can create a sign-up form for your newsletters and insert it on your website. All your new subscribers will then automatically be saved in a Mailing list that you created on our email marketing platform. Here is what you need to do:

  • On your WordPress dashboard, you first need to click on the MailKitchen menu and then on the link “Create a sign-up form” (you can also click on my MailKitchen account ->”Insert Form”).
  • For being able to create a sign-up form you first need to login to your MailKitchen account from your WordPress dashboard. Also, you need to make sure that you have created a Mailing List in which your new subscribers will be registered.
  • Click on Create a new form.  You will need to enter a name for the form, this way you can easily manage multiple sign-up forms (for example your newsletter sign-up form and a sign-up for your promotional offers or your white).


  • Once validated, you can then customize your sig-up form:


  • By selecting the Mailing list you define where your data will be saved  - this way you can choose the right Mailing List when scheduling your email campaign on your MailKitchen account.
  • You can always delete a form by selecting it and clicking the delete button.


Installing your sign-up form on your website

  • Once registered, you can easily insert your sign-up form on your website.
  • On your WordPress dashboard go to the Appearance menu, then click the Widgets .
  • Then you just need to add the widget Mailkitchen sing-up form to your page (you can drag and drop the form or do a right-click and then clicking on add the widget).


  • Then go in the widget settings, select your form and click Save. Your form is now active on your page and ready to be used.
  • Don’t forget to login to your MailKitchen account from your WordPress dashboard and to create a Mailing list on our platform (if you don’t have a Mailing List created on MailKitchen, your new subscribers won’t be registered).